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GREATER HOUSTON Stone Pavers & Landscaping

Stone Pavers & Landscaping

There’s numerous reasons why stone pavers have been used for so many years, besides their durability and ease of use stone pavers can turn any landscape into an absolutely stunning piece to your home. Unlike poured concrete stone pavers can add curb appeal while serving the same purposes for driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patio flooring or boarders to your existing gardens or landscaping. Stone pavers add a touch of elegance that is low maintenance, once the stones are set there is little to no cleaning necessary. They come in various colors that can help you accent a certain color scheme desired for a more modern look or help add to the natural aesthetics of your backyard. Whichever look you are trying to attain D.R. Home Renovation Services is happy to help.

There’s more to just digging out the dirt and placing stones in the floor, although that can be done. Excavation, leveling, installation and joints are needed for a flawless flooring that will last for years. When excavating a precise level is set so that the new flooring should be level with the rest of the yard as to not create a pool when it rains. Once the correct depth is situated the ground is packed firmly and then topped with a medium to help maintain its shape, typically sand which is not compacted in able to help with adjustments needed during the process. Other materials can be used but sand usually does the trick, it also helps with drainage. Your stone pavers are then placed nice and neatly to achieve the look that is desired, designs and different colored borders can be made during this face if desired. Once everything is checked and double checked for correct level and spacing filler is used to help keep each of the stones in place and resist shifting after the installation is complete.

If you have any questions about the possibilities of installation or costs for your home just give us a call to set up an appointment, we’re happy to help.

As a real estate investor, I have hired dozens and dozens of contractors over the years. Daniel is one of the few people who I trust to make sure a job is completed 100% to the customer's satisfaction. He did a great job fixing another company's repair mistake, and went above and beyond what most contractors would do to ensure the job was completed correctly. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone for any renovation or repair of any size.
We had a light fixture issue at my house. Chris came over on my lunch break and had everything repaired and good as new. Respectful and friendly people, great work at a great value with high integrity and a small business. I can’t recommend this group enough.
DR Renovation services helped us when we updated our tile flooring and kitchen backsplash. We were extremely pleased with the quality of work and the care they took in working in our home. Danny over saw the entire project and he was always visible and professional. The job was completed quickly and exactly as promised. We would certainly use their services again for our next project!
Chris and his crew are very clean, organized, and professional. We have an older home that needs some work. We are very happy with the jobs they did and are going to have them do some more work!