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Custom Cabinetry

Houston Custom Cabinetry

Our Cabinet makers have over 20 years of experience working with all types of materials from aluminum, stainless steel, composite board  and fine lumber.  This important piece of your kitchen or bath can be a significant portion of any remodel or renovation.  D.R. Home Renovation works with individuals to meet the wants and needs of any client whether it be cabinets made for functionality and cost to the luxurious one of a kind; we’re here to help.     

When choosing your cabinets it’s best to take into account what other materials surround the cabinets.  If the living room is connected with an open kitchen and there’s lots of wood present then of course an accompanying lumber material would be best suited.  If you are already working with a modern point of view then MDF board might be your best choice.  

There are two types of cabinet materials that dominate the residential sector, MDF and wood.  Steel and aluminum are available, but for the home point of view these two are the most associated.  MDF, a composite material made from recycled fibers, is the typical building material used for a vast majority of the cabinets available in local hardware stores and online.  MDF has a finish that is smooth, easily painted, comes in an endless amount of shapes and sizes.  Cabinets made from this material are also laminated for an ultra smooth finish available in a multitude of colors.  

The second most used material is of course wood.  Installed and finished correctly wood cabinets are by far considered some of the most beautiful of materials to use for your cabinets.  From Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Ash and Pine every type of wood has its own characteristics in patterns and colors available.  Wood choices usually weigh significantly less than MDF and can stand the test of time with great care and maintenance towards them.  Unlike MDF, wood will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity so when making your selections just take this small amount of information into account and ask one of our representatives for help or opinions.  All of them are well versed in the pros and cons of each material available.  

As a real estate investor, I have hired dozens and dozens of contractors over the years. Daniel is one of the few people who I trust to make sure a job is completed 100% to the customer's satisfaction. He did a great job fixing another company's repair mistake, and went above and beyond what most contractors would do to ensure the job was completed correctly. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone for any renovation or repair of any size.
We had a light fixture issue at my house. Chris came over on my lunch break and had everything repaired and good as new. Respectful and friendly people, great work at a great value with high integrity and a small business. I can’t recommend this group enough.
DR Renovation services helped us when we updated our tile flooring and kitchen backsplash. We were extremely pleased with the quality of work and the care they took in working in our home. Danny over saw the entire project and he was always visible and professional. The job was completed quickly and exactly as promised. We would certainly use their services again for our next project!
Chris and his crew are very clean, organized, and professional. We have an older home that needs some work. We are very happy with the jobs they did and are going to have them do some more work!