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Changing the flooring in your home can make a drastic change without having to go through the entire expense of a complete renovation or remodel. Maybe you have a great setup in your home and are just looking for the best way to make a significant change. Flooring can change the lighting, sound and feel of your home. Here at D.R. Home Renovation we have the capabilities to offer multiple mediums to choose from. We have a few of the most common types of materials used in homes here around the Houston area. If you have any questions about other types of materials such as Vinyl, Bamboo or Concrete we also have information available on hand.

Tile Flooring

Typically made from manufactured materials such as ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles, being manufactured, can give a uniform color or pattern that gives you consistency when working with large portions of square footage, the same goes for porcelain. The main difference between the two is the amount of water absorption over time. Porcelain is much less porous as compared to ceramic tile. The density of porcelain also increases the quality of material given and such a higher priceline.

Hardwood Flooring

With different species from Hickory, Oak and Pine each has its own special feel, color, and grain to take into account. Each wood absorbs stain and finish in different ways as well, take time in selecting style to complete your home.


If you are looking to simulate that hardwood flooring feel but have concerns about upkeep and care, Laminate flooring is the way to go. Laminate flooring is typically made from pressed wood, resists scratches and dents as well as is much easier to clean. Installing laminate flooring can cut the installation time of flooring in half as compared to tile or hardwood. Subflooring mediums can also be applied to help dampen the noise typical of traditional hardwood flooring.

before-wood-tile-install-humble after-wood-tile-install-humble
As a real estate investor, I have hired dozens and dozens of contractors over the years. Daniel is one of the few people who I trust to make sure a job is completed 100% to the customer's satisfaction. He did a great job fixing another company's repair mistake, and went above and beyond what most contractors would do to ensure the job was completed correctly. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone for any renovation or repair of any size.
We had a light fixture issue at my house. Chris came over on my lunch break and had everything repaired and good as new. Respectful and friendly people, great work at a great value with high integrity and a small business. I can’t recommend this group enough.
DR Renovation services helped us when we updated our tile flooring and kitchen backsplash. We were extremely pleased with the quality of work and the care they took in working in our home. Danny over saw the entire project and he was always visible and professional. The job was completed quickly and exactly as promised. We would certainly use their services again for our next project!
Chris and his crew are very clean, organized, and professional. We have an older home that needs some work. We are very happy with the jobs they did and are going to have them do some more work!